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Our mission is to revolutionize the fat grafting technique by effectively preventing autologous fat reabsorption through the use of our innovative and high-quality drug-delivery technology


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Welcome to Sebana Medical, a pioneering company at the forefront of innovation in the medical field. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of cutting-edge products utilizing our groundbreaking SEBA™ proprietary platform. Our advanced Biologic Matrix Slow-Release Technology, known as SEBA™, revolutionizes the delivery of a therapeutic solution, ensuring optimal efficacy and long-lasting effects of autologous fat grafts.

SEBA™, our flagship product is indicated for treating fat grafts for dermal filling. Sebana Medical ambition is to prove the efficacy and commercialize SEBA™ for dermal filling with autologous fat.

Sebana Medical has successfully demonstrated the safety and efficacy of SEBA™ in rigorous preclinical studies, paving the way for its transition to clinical trials. By harnessing the power of advanced drug slow-release polymer technology, scientific expertise, and development, we have achieved a breakthrough innovation that holds immense potential. With the upcoming clinical trials , Sebana Medical is driven by the ambition to bring SEBA™ to the forefront of aesthetic advancements, offering a transformative solution.


Our innovative technology prevents fat resorption in soft tissue augmentation and extends to various cosmetic indications. We are committed to advancing aesthetic medicine and transforming patient outcomes

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Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women globally, making it the most common cancer among women. Mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, is the standard treatment in over 50% of cases


Breast reconstruction restores breast shape and volume after cancer treatment. Common methods include surgical implantation and non-surgical autologous fat grafting. However, these approaches have limitations, requiring multiple procedures and imposing financial burdens on healthcare systems, limiting accessibility for patients.



Global Risk for Developing Breast Cancer


Women Diagnosed Every Year Globally


Undergo a Mastectomy to Save Their Lives


Need Breast Reconstruction


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Up to 80% of the reinjected fat is resorbed and disappears as quickly as within 2 months from the grafting procedure. The plastic surgeons are required to perform repeated fat grafting procedures with autologous fat to obtain the desired results. The accelerated fat resorption is the “Achille’s Heel” of the fat grafting technique for being widely used in breast reconstruction and in soft tissue augmentation. 


Also called autologous fat grafting. Fat tissue is removed from other parts of the body by liposuction, fat is then processed into liquid and reinjected back into the desired area of the body for soft tissue augmentation. Fat grafting is emerging as a safe and preferred technique to restore the shape and volume of the breast. 

Fat Grafting


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SEBA™ innovation is a unique proprietary biologic delivery technology based on biodegradable Matrix Microparticles into which the active substance is embedded. It is possible to administer SEBA™ onto any quantity of fat tissue and control the release precisely at any desired rate, safely and cost-effectively to prevent fat resorption after a fat grafting procedure.



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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operational Officer

R&D Manager

Eman Slame, Sebana’s R&D Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. Skilled in Research Management and Business Planning. Mrs. Slame is a strong R&D professional with a Master’s degree focused in chemistry.



VP Marekting & Medical Affairs

Rogette Hinnawi, Sebana’s VP Marketing & Medical affairs, has well over a decade of experience in Marketing, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medical Management in the pharmaceutical industries around the globe. Mrs. Hinnawi holds a M.Sc. in Information Design and Marketing.


Muhamad SAFADI

Head Of Pharmaceutics

& Regulatory Affairs

Muhamad Safadi, Sebana’s Head of Pharmaceutics and Regulatory Affairs has more than 25 years of a demonstrated success in pharmaceutical development. Dr. Safadi holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel. He oversees the R&D activities and the Regulatory/QA activities in Sebana.



Biomaterial Engineer

Jenny Firger, Sebana’s Product Biomaterial Designer. She has more than 10 years of a demonstrated success in biodegradable biologic slow-release products and pharmaceutical development.



Pharmaceutical Formulator 

Suher Masri, Sebana’s C.M.C Manager, has more than 15 years of a demonstrated success in pharmaceutical formulations. Mrs. Masri holds a M.Sc. from Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Israel. In Sebana she manages the Chemical, Manufacturing and Control activities of SEBA development.


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Saher Hamed, MD, PhD, Chairman

Founder & Managing Director, Remedor Biomed; Co-founder ADEMEX Life Science. Saher Hamed is a successful innovator and biopharmaceutical expert whose background combines deep business, scientific and medical knowledge with broad scientific, industry, entrepreneurial, and investment experience. He serves on the boards of several biotechnology companies and serves non-profit boards. Dr. Hamed holds an M.D from Nice University and Ph.D from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Amr Suleiman, CPA, CFO

Amr Suleiman, Sebana’s CFO, is an experienced executive with over 5 years’ experience in finance & biotech industries specializing in the management of financials of innovative start-ups, strategy, and business development. Mr. Suleiman holds a CPA degree from The Open University, Israel. 

Luc Teot, MD

Luc Teot is head of the Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Montpellier University Hospital in France. He is an editorial board member of 8 journals and former president of the European Tissue Repair Society. He teaches as professor at the universities of Montpellier, Nantes, Limoges, Antilles and La Réunion. His passion for skin regeneration, reconstruction and scarring.

Noaz Bar-Nir, MBA

Mr. Bar-Nir served for the Chief Executive Officer for Clalit Health Services “Clalit Health Fund” which is the largest and oldest health organization in Israel. The organization provides its services to over 50% of the residents of the State of Israel. Noaz serves as director in numerous respectful companies including ELBIT SYSTEMS Ltd.  

Omar Alwan, DMD

Dr. Omar Alwan has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry as an Investor, practitioner, consultant, and business owner. Dr. Alwan has taken part in implementing and executing medical device development projects for managed care organizations and other institutions such as hospitals and provider-based institutions. Dr. Alwan completed his specialty training in Dentistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Sadanori Akita, MD

Sadanori Akita is a professor-in-chief of department of plastic surgery, and regeneration of Fukuoka University, Faculty of Medicine. He is expert in clinical research of regenerative tissue enhancement to HIV-drug related-wasting patients and reconstructive surgery with fat grafting.

Yehuda Ullmann, MD

Dr. Yehuda Ullmann is the acting director of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Rambam Health Care Campus. He is also the founder and director of the Aesthetic Plastic Service at Rambam, and is a clinical associate professor of Plastic Surgery, in the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He specializes primarily in breast reconstruction. His research interests relate mainly to fat injection. He served as Chairman of the Israeli Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery from 2009-11. He is currently Chair of the Physician’s Union at Rambam and Vice-chair of the Israel Employed Physician’s Organization.

Amin Fares, MBA

Mr. Amin Fares is an active Director of Remedor Biomed, a company, specializing in wound healing. Mr. Fares is a recognized investor in life science. He led numerous investments with strategic partnerships in global innovations. Mr. Fares has more than 25 years of senior positions in the innovation sector and medical investments. Amin founded Economic Analysis, an equity fund with one of the biggest financial groups in Israel and led it to a successful investments and exit. Mr. Fares holds BA in economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Paul Liu, MD

Paul is Chair and Professor of Plastic Surgery at Brown University. He is chief of plastic surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and a professor of surgery at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He most recently served as chief of surgery at Roger Williams Medical Center. He was educated at Harvard Medical School and Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar. Paul is the Co-founder of PAX Therapeutics which is a US-based company commercializing a breakthrough product for tissue regeneration and reconstruction. He has over 30 years of experience in medical and business leadership positions in the women’s healthcare industry.


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Finally, a product that is designed to prevent the problem of accelerated fat resorption in breast reconstruction with fat transfer.

Sebana's platform technology excels in simplicity, safety, cost-effectiveness, new and innovative technology.

“Autologous fat grafting after breast reconstruction for mastectomy is done to help improve contour deformities and works really well. The downside is that not all the fat that gets injected lives.”

Stephanie Valente, DO

Director, Breast Surgery, Moll Cancer Center at Fairview Hospital.

“For women who underwent mastectomy for breast cancer, lipofilling is a safe procedure that restores breast volume and shape and that does not increase the risk of recurrent or new breast cancers.”

Steven J. Kronowitz, MD

Huston, Texas, Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

“The survival of fat grafts after injection for breast reconstruction can be quite variable in terms of ultimate survival and retention. However, if the fat graft is accepted, it will be there for life.”

Yehuda Ullmann, MD

Former Chairman of the Israeli Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

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