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By enhancing autologous fat grafting for dermal filling, Sebana's technology can safely neutralize the main problems responsible for fat cell reabsorption and fat tissue volume loss after fat filling. Undoubtedly, autologous fat is the ideal filler for dermal filling. It is the preferred method for most of the plastic surgeons and is the only filler used in many cases. Therefore, providing good results from using Sebana's technology in this huge market might position Sebana Medical as a GAME CHANGER for soft tissue augmentation due to the following reasons.

Sebana’s proprietary formulation paves the way to addressing several prevalent medical conditions related to soft tissue filling, with improved results, thus enhancing patient outcomes and increasing quality of life/care. The product also taps into the lucrative aesthetic surgery segment.

Safe, available, not carcinogenic, provides natural and normal appearance, is not rejected by immune system.

Autologous fat
is the ideal filler

Technology based on approved drug.

Fast track

Sustained, slow, local release of the API into the GRAFTED FAT.

Unique formulation, prolonging fat cell longevity

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Patents granted in Japan and Europe. USA in progress

Reduced number of repeated filling procedures, more permanent results.

Enhanced patient
quality of care

No drug exist for preventing fat reabsorption

No drug exist
for preventing fat reabsorption

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