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Established in 2015, Sebana Medical is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development of a proprietary patented technology for preventing fat cell reabsorption following soft tissue augmentation. The innovative Sebana's formulation is currently in pre-clinical phase, and is under continuous development under GMP conditions for future clinical trials. 

Sebana's current business strategy is to develop of its formulation in a fast track development pathway as an orphan drug for preventing fat reabsorption following fat filling in the PRS rare condition. By implementing this strategy, Sebana expects to approve its first patented formulation by the US FDA or/and EU EMA for use in the market within a relatively short time. In the long run, Sebana’s technology targets aesthetic procedures of dermal filling with autologous fat tissue – thus providing a solution for the HUGE dermal filling market.


Unmet Need

The dermal filling market is estimated to reach 19 BILLION USD in 2022.

Today dermal filling is performed for aesthetic appearance either with synthetic dermal fillers such like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Silicon or with autologous fat. Dermal filling is used for many indications either for cosmetic appearance such like wrinkle removal, breast and buttock augmentation, skin depression following trauma, or for medical conditions such as breast reconstruction after lumpectomy/mastectomy, congenital malformation and the known rare condition Perry Romberg's Syndrome (PRS). 

Non-surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons are on the rise, led by injectable dermal fillers. Current soft tissue augmentation materials have little success due to their high cost, limited life span, lack of permanency and serious safety concerns. Autologous fat grafting technology is increasingly used in in both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. It is considered to be safe, reliable, minimally invasive and affordable. It has, however, one major limitation as up to 80% of the transplanted fat is reabsorbed. This weakness prevents more prevalence to this method, despite its many advantages. 

By resolving the fat cell reabsorption issue, Sebana will enable millions of patients annually, worldwide to enjoy all the benefits of a safe procedure with autologous fat transplantation for tissue augmentation.

Time to Market

Sebana Medical expects a short time to market for a medical product with a wide indication and a large market that includes the fastest growing segment (injectable facial/dermal fillers) of the aesthetic surgery sector.


Current R&D stage: Sebana Medical has finalized successful animal studies and published the results in leading peer-reviewed journals (PLoS one. 2010; 5(11):e13986) 

Business Opportunity

  • Global aesthetic surgery product industry for soft tissue augmentation is estimated to reach $15 Billion in 2019 with 7.5% annual growth.

  • Breast augmentation and the minimally invasive injectable procedures (led by dermal fillers) are continuously on the rise.

  • Sebana will be the first to establish a treatment with the indication for autologous fat transplantation for soft tissue augmentation with regards to orphan diseases. 


Aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstruction surgery are conducted for the purpose of increasing the patient’s self-esteem. Following a severe illness, such as cancer and rare diseases that cause major disfigurements, an improved image of self is a significant part of the healing process. Successful aesthetic surgery significantly contributes to the wellbeing of the patient.  Our product enables a significant increase in patient quality of life following a soft tissue filling procedure based on fat transplantation by preventing fat cell reabsorption and ensuring a permanent result.

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